Town of Miami Boomtown Spree

Please Contact Jose (Angel) Medina Sr.
(928) 200-0820

Please Sign-Up to help your Community.

Our Passion is Mining History and Western Lore 

Thank You all that helped make this event a memorable one:

07/05/2021 Update:

With the help of those who made this event possible I have decided to also make this event a dress rehearsal for next year's event. Planning has already started and any and all suggestions and feedback is welcome for 4th of July 2022.

Parade Director:  We will be looking for someone to fill this position.


1. High School marching band.

2. Live band.

Judges: We will be looking for volunteers.

Children's Events Director: Christine Duarte will hopefully fill this event.

Sponsors:   We hope to have a great deal of patriotic citizens fill this spot.

Vendors:  In 2022 we are planning on having vendors of all type filling the street of downtown Miami.